Reduce Stress! Get A Travel Mug And Enjoy More Moments of Calm In Your Day

Have you ever spilled a good mug of hot coffee or tea on your clothes, important paperwork, or worse, your laptop? Have you ever sworn out loud when you discovered that your old coffee mug had leaked in your bag, on your car seat, or in your baby’s nappy bag?

Upgrade to Leak Proof

With a high quality, leak-proof travel mug you can relax and have peace of mind that those annoying days are finally over. Imagine being able to effectively lock and seal your travel mug so that you can:

* Throw it in your travel bag, work bag, or handbag and know it won’t spill or leak
* Confidently place it by your laptop or paperwork whilst you are relaxing or working and have complete peace of mind
* Reach for it at home or whilst traveling, and just know your favorite drink is there ready for you, kept hot or cold, just the way you like it
* Fill it up with fresh cold water ready for when you are thirsty, knowing this tastes great, and is better for you than drinking out of plastic

Life Made Easier

The premium leak-proof travel mug from One Click Cup is, as the name suggests, has a one click open and close mechanism and is easy and convenient to operate one handed. It has an innovative three sixty degree lid so you can drink from any angle. No need to worry about aligning your travel mug before you drink enabling you to focus on more important things at hand. Life made easier, even while driving to work. It is your best buddy, you can grab the spill proof coffee mug from your bag without any worries of it leaking or dripping. It is larger than the average travel mug at 475ml (approximately up to a pint of your favourite brew) and is made of vacuum insulated, double wall stainless steel to keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 4 hours.

Simplicity and Practicality

In addition to the ‘torch’ shape and design of the mug it comes with a hard wearing screw thread lid and is completely dishwashing friendly. This premium leak-proof travel mug has all it takes for a busy life whether it is attending long meetings, stuck in traffic, or simply having your favourite drink, just the way you like it, kept hot for you every morning. It is simplicity and practicality combined.

If you want the flexibility of being independent rather than depending on someone else or somewhere else, this thermos travel mug serves as your invisible companion. It takes care of your needs and even quenches your thirst when you most need it. Compared to the typical prices of a specialist coffee or tea from one of the well known high street, or workplace coffee shops, even the top of the range leak-proof travel mug would pay for itself within a week. Fall in love with this, the best no spill coffee mug ever and never get yourself down when it’s empty. Always refillable and ready to serve you again and again.

Create Moments of Calm

It can be your thermos cup or spill proof travel mug ideal for whatever kind of occasion and season. It is safe to put in your bag and in your luggage or even in your car while driving. For a current Amazon price tag of under £20 sounds like you have it all! What are you waiting for? Make your life worthwhile, hassle-free and enjoyable. Create more moments of calm, more moments of ‘you time’ in an often stressful and unpredictable world. Sometimes when it’s cold outside, it feels so good to have your travel mug within arms reach, one click away from feeling warm again on the inside. When it makes you feel better within minutes, you just know that the rest of the day is more likely to go your way!

Treat Yourself

Why not treat yourself? Click over to and order yours today, the premium leak-proof travel mug of all travel mugs. Amazing value for money, choice of 2 colours, and backed by an extended 5 year guarantee from If you take care of your worries today, you will have less to worry about tomorrow or in the future. If you like the taste of fresh coffee or freshly brewed tea (made just the way you like it), or cold milk, or cold refreshing filtered water without having to drink from plastic then you will like this even more. A busy life is just a day away but not your life anymore when you can punctuate it with moments of calm reflection and tranquility, thanks to your leak-proof travel mug. Have fun and have a nice drink. Make today and tomorrow a better day just because you can!

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