Reasons to Buy Thermos Travel Mug

Every time plan to go for picnics, camping or visit our holiday destinations, we should always bear in mind that an enjoyable outing is determined by the drinks and food that we have in such situations. For instance, how does it feel when you take some coffee with you, only to find out at your destination that the coffee you carried has cooled down? Of course, it is embarrassing.

Thermos travel mug, available at AMAZON is an award-winning accessory that you need to buy before you attend the next camping event, go on a picnic. Perhaps you have been annoyed by other travel mugs but you have every reason to trust this one. Below, find the main features that make it the leader in the travel-mug market;

  1. It features an innovative lid that allows 360 degree drinking 

With this spill proof mug, you need not worry about spilling your tea or coffee on your clothes any more especially when driving. The manufacturers have given an assurance that the products are not only spill proof but they are also leak proof. As such, it can be carried comfortably in a bag, handbag or backpack and the components will not damage other items in the backpack.

  1. There is no need to worry about the effects of weather on your water, tea, or coffee

With this no spill mug, your tea and coffee stays hot and in case you use it to carry water, rest assured that you will always have cold water, even when you are travelling to incredibly hot destinations. As such, you need not worry about where to get cold water in your destination, which in turn enables you to reduce stress always. Reliable information from the manufacturer indicates that it can keep drinks hot for at least 5 hours and in addition, water and cold drinks are kept cold for more than 12 hours with this device.

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