Keep your Shirt Clean and your Drink Hot with the Thermos Travel Mug

There’s nothing better to keep your spirits high during a car trip than to carry a hot cup of coffee or tea with you. But if you are using a regular mug you run the risk of burning yourself, or accidentally spilling your drink and ruining your shirt or seats. The premium leak and spill proof travel mug keeps your beverages hot and your body free from burns, so that you can drive as long as you want without having to make a stop to buy a drink.

The vacuum-insulated interior and double walled stainless steel covering of the Thermos Travel Mug keeps your drink just the way you like it, maintaining it at the same temperature for up to 5 hours, so you can drink a hot coffee or iced tea at the same temperature as if it was just made, and with the flavor and essence of your drink concentrated inside the mug, it just tastes better than if you were drinking it from a Starbucks plastic cup.

Remember when you had to use both hands to open a water bottle? Taking a sip from the Travel Coffee Mug is as easy as making a click, so you only need to use one hand to operate the mug, and it isn’t a distraction to take a sip even in the heaviest traffic and can be used with the same convenience by both left and right handed drivers. So next time you are stuck in traffic, patting your steering wheel and wishing you were somewhere else, make sure you have your trusty Travel Mug by your side, and enjoy a moment of calm during a stressful day.

Don’t let the elegant brushed stainless steel design fool you, the Thermos Travel Mug is a trooper that can handle any kind of treatment without allowing a single drop of your drink to spill, so you can be worry free that you’ll always have a delicious drink at hand while you’re in that long meeting with your boss, or traveling to see your parents. Just fill it, throw it in your bag, and you are ready to go.

A single fill to your 16 fl OZ Travel Coffee Mug is enough to set you up for your trip. So that wherever you are driving, you can always count on having your favorite drink at temperature with a single click to your mug. And you don’t have to worry anymore about staining your shirt or ruining your car seats. The innovative design of the lid allows a 360 degree capacity so you can drink from any side of the lid without spilling any of the content. No more mishaps and stained shirts, just push the button and drink.

Don’t settle for an inferior mug. You can save over £5 versus the Contigo coffee mug, and get a 5 years guarantee for the best buy you ever made. The reviews from Amazon customers are a testament to the quality of the Thermos Travel Mug, and backs up its claim to be one of the best travel mugs in the market.

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