Commuting in Style

Picture the scene. It’s a typical winter’s day and you are commuting to work on the train with your briefcase in one hand, an umbrella in the other and all you want is to enjoy those few moments on your journey to sit back with a hot cup of your favourite beverage. The drinks cart passes through the carriage and you realise you have no change and the card machine is out of order, so what do you do?

You pull out your One Click Cup Micro Bullet travel mug which you have had stored away in your bag since you left the house. At the perfect temperature to consume, staying warm after over 2 hours since making the coffee, you can trust that your travel mug will save the day on those miserable, rainy commutes.

Micro Bullet

The Micro Bullet joins the line up of stylish travel mugs, perfect for travel or simply running your errands around town, the 8floz thermos cup is perfectly petite to fit into most bags for those busy on-the-go lifestyles.

Available to buy on Amazon UK and Europe now.

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